The Con Man Traffics Ignominy to Bully

Does it bother anyone else that the Con Man is such a Bully?

As noted previously, the Con Man traffics in ignominy, the act of disgracing and discrediting others.

As more evidence of his unneighborly bullying, trafficking as he does in ignominy, look at his words in his NextDoor post:

“The new law firm is now aiding in the concealment of public records at the sole direction of Walker, just as Gosselink/Gimenez did.”

Next Door Post below, third paragraph

So, if you are to believe the con, somehow this neighborhood continues to fall victim to well intentioned volunteers who then find attorneys willing to risk their law licenses for “the concealment of public records.”

Wow! How unlucky are we in Windermere Oaks, that this same misfortune keeps befalling us!

There is another possible explanation — the Con Man believes he is entitled with absolute divine right to anything and everything he wants, precisely such that he can use those materials to belittle and badger our community volunteers.

(By the way, you should disregard, of course, that the Con Man’s spouse brought and recommended both the current Carlton Law firm and the previous Lloyd Gosselink Law Firm to the Windermere Oaks Water Supply Corporation. Nothing to see there folks, move along.)

Look at another quote in the ConMan’s NextDoor post:

“While I have been lenient with the two new directors [Brian Garceau and Scott Miller], their hands-off approach while Walker dominates outside of meetings is deeply concerning.

NextDoor Post below, fourth paragraph

So the gracious Con Man is now claiming to “have been lenient” in his treatment of new volunteer Board members. Wow, what a guy!

You may or may not know that Mr. Garceau and Mr. Miller have only been Board members for two, maybe three meetings, and yet somehow, according to the con narrative, they are already willing accomplices to Mr. Walker’s illicit activities outside of meetings. At least that is what the Con Man would have you newcomers believe.

Yet, another explanation is possible: the Board has the duty of protecting the legal interests of the corporation and if those interests are threatened by release of information through Public Information Act request, then the Board has the responsibility of defending the corporation’s rights.

This is exactly what happened in 2019, when the Board carried (approved) the

“resolution approving and authorizing the continuing defense of the WSC’s position of protecting attorney-client priviledged information in response to PIA requests, including maintaining all pending appeals in court, at the direction of the Board President/Public Information Officer.”


If Mr. Garceau and Mr. Miller want to block Mr. Walker from withholding the contractual information, they should take up the matter at the next Board meeting in an agenda item, to retract the WOWSC’s request to the Attorney General.

Or, as a better option, Mr. Walker could do as the October 2019 Board did, and add belts to suspenders of the duty bound upon directors to protect the interests of the corporation, by having by Mr. Miller and Mr. Garceau vote on a similar resolution.

Regardless of what happens, the Con Man sends the not-so-subtle threat that he has been “lenient” with the new Board members, Mr. Miller and Mr. Garceau.

When he inevitably flings his shovels-full of ignominy against them, beware the loads of half-truths.

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