Serving our Community

It has been my great pleasure and a distinct honor to serve as the Board Chairman for the Windermere Oaks Water Supply Corporation since March 2019 when I was elected.

Since then I have come to find out many things about this water company and how well it has been run over several decades.

I will endeavor to share my experience and new-found knowledge about the system with all my NextDoor neighbors and on this website,

Sadly, I know that my contributions to the community discussion will be greeted with all the usual misinformed and misleading narratives by the opponents of the water company, the people who want to sell it to an outside company.

To further serve my neighbors, I hope to provide you with information you can verify yourself. The infowars tactics of the water company’s detractors have confused too many people out here. Their spin machines work overtime, all the time, while we on the Board are busy trying to run the neighborhood water company and spend our time responding to their lawsuits and ratecase appeals. It has been very taxing of a great deal of personal time for me and many others.

Nevertheless, I look forward to sharing more information with you all in the weeks and months ahead. You really should know this information so that we keep control of the neighborhood water company, a great jewel of Windermere Oaks.


Joe Gimenez