New Records for Water Company Production

The Windermere Oaks Water Supply Corporation set new water production record in August 2021, producing 2.6 million gallons for our neighborhood.

To produce that much water, extra costs must be incurred, for chemicals, electricity, pump maintenance and repair, man-hours, etc.

The graphic above shows how much water was pumped in the three hottest months of the year, for the last four years.
The graphic above shows the yearly increase or decrease of water produced in the three months of June, July, and August. This year, June and July were mostly the same as 2020, but August 2021 saw a good 11 percent increase over August 2020. Notice how much more was pumped in the Covid years of 2020 and 2021. Possibly seeing the result of more people in the neighborhood — more new homes and more people working from their lakehouse home. Again, more electricity, more chemicals, more man-hours, more maintenance, replacement and repairs required.