Henry Haas – Lawyer for Jeff Walker?

After my last post questioning whether Henry Haas is a fake person who is part of confidence job, I learned that indeed Mr. Haas has many interests and acquaintances, now extending to the airport and as a supporter of Jeff Walker, a candidate for the Windermere Oaks Water Supply Board.

Here is a letter which Mr. Haas wrote in July 2022, bullying for an apology from a person who had felt threatened by Mr. Walker at past meetings of the pilot’s association:

The email begs many questions:

  • Is Henry Haas a lawyer?
  • Does he have a firm? (“Haas and Associates”)
  • Is he Jeff Walker’s lawyer?
  • Who did Haas interview? They must know who Mr. Haas is.
  • How was Mr. Haas able to listen to audio recordings? Whose recordings were they?

So we now know that Mr. Walker — instead of attempting to behave in a less threatening manner, or taking the neighborly action of learning from the person why they had felt threatened and promising to cease those activities — sicced Mr. Haas upon that volunteer Board member with legal threat.

Tomorrow, at the Windermere Oaks Water Supply Corporation Board, the company has hired two security guards to promote a sense of security for all members attending and wanting to hear — without continuous interruption — about the public issues being discussed by the Board.

By the way, remember from my previous post that I had received a letter from a Stewart Nelson of “Haas and Associates” only nine days prior:

What’s the con and how is Jeff Walker involved?

One thought on “Henry Haas – Lawyer for Jeff Walker?”

  1. I don’t live in Windermere but as a concerned neighbor I have followed the posts on this situation. My opinion is : This Mr. Hass /Jeff Walker sound like small time mafia giving you a warning. Must be big time funds to confiscate for their future or is it little fish wanting to swim in big pond! You ask “what’s the con” I believe they pulled the con a long time ago. Keep investigating! I Hope Windermere residents get some of their funds back. Good work!

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