The Latest Con — Fake NextDoor Poster(s)

Remember the movie called “The Sting”? Robert Redford, Paul Newman. Robert Shaw. It won seven Academy Awards for twists and turns of a group of con artists who scored $500,000 on a fake horse race, and then a fake FBI raid on the gambling parlor, and the fake shooting of Robert Redford at the end.

The Windermere Con Job is entering a new phase: fake NextDoor posters.

In recent weeks we’ve seen two new people join the neighborhood page: Henry Haas and Harry Haas. But who are they?

Burnet County Appraisal District records don’t show them as property owners here.

And yet both Henry and Harry — out of nowhere — seem to have in-depth knowledge of all that has gone on here the last several years, and Harry yesterday chimed in with his expertise on the Public Utility Commission hearings. Hmmm.

Henry, before his account was removed, had posted a picture from my business Facebook page, from a 2019 event where I served as the moderator for a candidates forum before a Pedernales Electric Cooperative Board vote. Here’s the photo:

Henry Haas thought that to be evidence enough to link me to a recent indictment of County Judge Oakley on counts related to his use of a Burnet County car to travel to a PEC meeting, and his alleged tampering of evidence by clearing the road of a car bumper at a gas station fender bender. The cases just recently hit the news and the cases are pending. In the photo above, Judge Oakley is behind me. Henry Haas cropped his NextDoor photo so that only Judge Oakley and I appeared together.


So therefore, Henry Haas concluded, Judge Oakley and I were “brothers in arms” in corruption. Seriously? Give me a break. What kind of high school dropout logic is that?

But “Henry Haas,” whoever he or she really is, counts on their Windermere Oaks followers to believe their portrayals of corruption / incompetence / whatever. They also count on their followers to ignore other evidence, portraying everything posted by me or the water company or others to be “propaganda.”

Now, out of the blue yesterday, a “Harry Haas” showed up on the Windermere NextDoor scene. I will address his posts later. NextDoor apparently shut down Henry Haas’ account.

What makes all of this so funny and surreal is that last summer I received a letter from a “Stewart Nelson” from a “Haas and Associates.” I received it about six weeks before the first attempt at a trial in the Ffrench, Dial, Sorgen vs. WOWSC and Directors matter.

Notice how fake it is. A questionable PO Box 4567 in Burnet. No phone number. No email address. And go ahead and google search for Haas and Associates. Doesn’t exist.

If anyone knows of this Stewart Nelson, the Democrat Action Network, or Haas and Associates, let me know. Maybe I’m missing something.

To me, it is more evidence of the Windermere Con Job playing out before your eyes. Why are people going to these lengths? What’s their Con?

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