Our Water Company – Such a Blessing

Last night the water company Board held another great meeting discussing the challenges we face in operating a neighborhood water and wastewater service company.

The solutions are never immediately clear but they seem to work themselves out when people of goodwill combine in their efforts. We saw that happening last night.

Indeed, the productive and informative discussions caused me to reflect on all past Boards’ similar discussions over the decades, the fruits of which are an affordable and responsive water service for our neighborhood.

Be of no doubt on this: God has blessed our neighborhood with many natural and recreational delights. He has also blessed us all with volunteers for both the POA and the water company over many decades.

The scandals which a handful of people conjure out of nothingness to divide us should not steal our joy of residing in such a blessed neighborhood.

I hear from many people who feel so down about the enmity sown by just a handful of people in our neighborhood. We should not let them get us down.

And we should not let them defeat the blessings which we receive daily. The water company haters will someday move on or move out. When they are finally unsuccessful in their effort to bring this water company down, they will move on to other targets, hopefully outside this neighborhood.

Our water company, ably managed by volunteers of great goodwill, will still be here, serving us all. And so it should be. It is what creates community.

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